Everybody knows notepads and what they are: for recipes, lectures, poems, addresses and phone numbers, meeting places, shopping lists, good ideas and many other things.

Brights — more than just a notebook. Each note has unique color which will change in time. It's fun and very convenient — a kaleidoscope of combinations does not allow to lose freshness of vision and lose important entry.

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Color schemes
In Brights has 4 color schemes for fun (orange, green, purple and blue) and 2 colors of background for moods (black and white).

The notes color title will change while scrolling. The order of entries will not changed.

Remove notes
Remove action is iOS native: slide left and tap "Delete".

Feel free to ask and share your experience of using Brights by brights@leshechka.ru.

Last version: 1.0

We're thinking about:
— iCloud
— more color schemes.